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 So, I finally finished it!! :D I think being in Israel has helped to ripen my creative juices, it's so nice to have some sunshine~
Anyway, here's the final chapter of this fic, as well as a little tracklist at the end explaining all the chapter titles. <3


One    Two    Three    Four     Five     Six



Shuhei had never done this before. All of his previous sexual exploits had been the result of drunken nights out in the Sereitei and his classmates at the Academy- so having Izuru sit next to him on the edge of his bed in a tshirt and boxer shorts (human clothes are so comfortable to sleep in) felt a little strange. He had specifically invited him over to stay the night, and they’d eaten dinner and played cards until it was quite late, and now it was time for bed.

Clearing his throat, Shuhei prompted, “Well…. Let’s go to sleep, then.” He himself was wearing a pair of black boxers and a grey vest.

The blonde nodded. “Okay.”

Shuhei turned out the light, and they got into bed. For a few moments they both lay on their backs, a few inches of distance between them, until they both simultaneously rolled onto their sides to face the other, both inexplicably smiling from ear to ear.

“Goodnight, Izuru.” The dark-haired shinigami whispered and gave the other a soft kiss on the lips. Izuru hesitated for just a second before kissing back, wrapping an arm around Shuhei’s lithe torso and pulling him closer. Shuhei placed a hand on the blonde’s cheek as he continued to kiss him, lips parting just slightly, so tongues could tentatively meet and slide together. Both men’s breaths hitched as the kiss deepened, and their heaving chests pressed together.
Soon they were rolling around on the bed, still clothed in their pyjamas, hands fluttering up and down backs and shoulders and tangling in hair, lips still locked and shyness melting away like ice under a warm sun. Izuru panted into Shuhei’s mouth, arms clasped tightly around the other man’s back, as the older man slid a hand under his shirt, rubbing a rough-tipped thumb over Izuru’s nipple, making him blush and shiver.

After a little while longer, and the pair’s shirts had ridden up slightly but were still left on, hot hands exploring smooth, muscular chests, Shuhei broke the kiss and asked,

“Can we turn the lights on? I…” He flushed as well. “I want to see.”

Izuru nodded again, and then the room was bathed in soft yellow light once more. Shuhei took the opportunity to slide his vest off over his head, and placed it on the floor next to the bed. The smaller man looked up and down his chest, admiring its tone, the scars, the definition and fine shimmers of sweat, before he felt large hands on his own shirt. He stiffened initially but raised his arms above his head to allow Shuhei to undress him, fighting back shyness. The tattooed shinigami smiled in appreciation of the other- Izuru’s skin was pale and soft, like vanilla ice cream, but also hardened and marred with reminders of past battle. They embraced once more, muscle and skin creating delicious friction, all that now separated their bodies was their underwear, which seemed to be getting tighter and more constrictive by the second as the arousal in the room was stifling and hot, despite the cool air outside.

The two lieutenants were now grinding their hips shamelessly together, hard length against length, coaxing little gasps and deep groans from both men as they clung to the last safe boundary of their physical relationship. This was it. It was really going to happen. Legs were coaxed apart, boxers were tugged and slid down, and then the boundary was shattered as they both lay side by side, stark naked, drinking the view of eachother in.
Izuru reflexively curled in on himself under the other’s scrutiny, bringing his legs up and together to try and hide his straining cock and flushed red belly and chest. Shuhei merely kissed his neck, licking gently at exposed skin, and whispered with hot breath into the blonde’s ear.

“It’s alright.”

An even hotter hand found its way between his legs, and began to slowly stroke the sensitive flesh. Izuru whimpered and involuntarily bucked his hips into Shuhei’s hand, needing more instantly. He reached for the brunette’s length as well, and nervously wrapped his hand around it. Shuhei bit his lip and furrowed his brow appreciatively, lost in Izuru’s tentative ministrations.

They lay side by side, quickly stroking and tugging eachother’s eager hard-ons, for an indefinable amount of time, until Izuru found himself gasping a little too loudly, grinding against Shuhei’s hand a little too insistently. He wouldn’t have minded spilling into Shuhei’s hand and onto his own stomach, but he wanted to go all the way- he wanted to be taken and fucked. Izuru, with much reluctance, pulled his hand away from Shuhei’s cock and whispered breathily- more to the ceiling than to the other,

“Shuhei… Let’s do it. I’m ready.”

The brunette simply nodded in response, gave Izuru a quick peck on the lips, and stood up, padding unashamedly naked to the bathroom, and returning with some hand lotion.
“Will this be alright?” He asked, waving the bottle.

The blonde nodded, blushing slightly, and reached out for his friend once more. Shuhei knelt between Izuru’s thighs, and pumped some lotion into his hand, taking in the sight before him as he coated his fingers in the cream. Izuru really was beautiful, especially flat on his back, naked and a little flustered. Setting the cream aside, Shuhei wondered why it’d never occurred to him before.

After a short whispered conversation, mainly consisting of “are you sure?” and “yes, I’ll be fine”, Izuru’s eyes fluttered closed as he felt a long, slender digit slip inside his entrance. He shivered and bit his lip, trying not to push wantonly back against Shuhei’s hand. Shuhei curled his finger, flexing it back and forth against Izuru’s gripping, spasming inner walls, and then slowly added another, sliding easily in with the slick of the lotion. Izuru let out a full moan, a lustful sound that seemed to emanate from deep within his heaving chest, and couldn’t help but buck his hips. He felt incredible, prickling heat all over his body, and Shuhei’s probing fingers were driving him wild. His pleasure at the hands of the older man was building and building, but it still wasn’t enough. Taking the initiative once more, surprised at his own boldness, he sat up slightly and gripped Shuhei’s now painfully hard cock.

“Please…” he gasped.

Shuhei gave a sharp smirk, and gingerly withdrew his fingers, more than ready to fuck Izuru, and was thrilled at the permission. He smeared the remaining lube on his fingers and palms up and down his erection, and positioned himself against Izuru, skin starting to prickle in a nervous sweat. Slowly, one hand on the blonde’s chest, the other at the base of his cock, he sheathed himself inside the other man, breath coming in short, sudden gasps. It felt so hot, so painfully good, Izuru squeezing so tightly around every inch of him… He snapped out of his reverie, keeping his hips still and looking down at the other, who was smiling softly.

“You okay, Izuru?”

“Yes…” Shuhei felt a soft kiss being placed on his cheek, over his scars. “You feel wonderful….”
Shuhei began rocking against Izuru, long, pale legs twined around thrusting hips, the smaller man pushing back against the deep but gentle thrusts, moaning blissfully and writhing beneath Shuhei. The sensation of sex, not abuse, was overpowering. Izuru embraced the feeling of Shuhei’s hard cock buried inside of him, stretching and filling him utterly, every now and again teasingly rubbing against his prostate, sending every nerve wild with pleasure. Izuru dug his nails into Shuhei’s back, clinging to the man on top of him, kissing and licking a tanned shoulder. The two whispered softly to eachother between grunts of ecstasy, asking and giving, yes, like that, there, is that good?, yes, it feels so good, Shuhei, Shuhei, oh, Izuru, yes….

The two galloped toward climax, Izuru’s back arching off the bed, pressing up against Shuhei, who was hunched over double as he drove into his lover, eyes burning with passion and lust. The head of the brunette’s cock was now raking over Izuru’s sweet spot almost constantly, the pressure almost too much. Izuru began to spasm and twitch helplessly, whimpering and digging his heels into Shuhei’s back, and gave urgent, broken whispers of his need to cum. Shuhei was right there with him, the inner muscles of the blonde’s passage were gripping him so needily, he could barely hold on much longer himself. Soon, they were both orgasming, white heat rippling and shooting through their bodies, and at the last second before oblivion, Izuru dimly noted that he’d managed to climax without even having his cock touched, apart from a few teasing bumps against Shuhei’s abdomen.

I didn’t know it could be like this.


“So… was it okay?”

The scarred shinigami shrugged. “Eh. It was pretty average. Five out of ten.”
There was a beat of silence, and then the two lieutenants burst into tired laughter against the headboard, slumped over eachother.

“I’m kidding. It was great, you know it was.” Shuhei gave a lazy kiss to Izuru’s sweat-damp cheek, mind still swirling from their intense sex, but also… something else.

What is this feeling?

“I… really liked it too.” A shy smile. “I could never be unhappy when I’m that close to you.”

This feeling… is falling in love. I think we’re in love.

“Can’t get much closer than that.”

Less than half an hour later, the pair were sound asleep, still naked and drenched in sweat and sex, curled around each other like twins in the womb- warm and close.

Shuhei slept for a total of twelve solid hours. He did not have any nightmares.

Izuru slept fitfully as always, but woke with a smile on his face, even before he brushed his hair out of his eyes to gaze wistfully at the sleeping body next to him.


That night was one of the best nights of my life, Izuru. Remember how nervous we both were? Now you’re so bold when we fuck, yelling at me to do you harder and pulling my hair, screaming my name… That first time seems like forever ago—It’s hard to believe since then it’s been ten whole years.

Time seems to pass me by these days. We’ve both changed a lot, but we’ve changed together, and helped the other grow. I’ll always be grateful to you, and I’ll always help you, whenever you need it, even though you’re so brave and strong. These days I get to wake up to your smiling face every single morning, and I know it sounds vain, but I love to think that you’re smiling for me. All I ever wanted was to see you happy- it took me such a long time to realise that I didn’t need to bring you that happiness myself; I just had to wait until you could find it within yourself and set it free.

I feel like I love you a little more each day- although lately, with our wedding coming up, you’ve been a little snappy due to the stress of organising everything by yourself, on top of having recently been made taicho of Squad 3, too-- only two years after my own captaincy! Catching up to sempai, finally? --I know you don’t want my help, and that you don’t need it either. But it’s still here, like money in a safe. Waiting for you, for when you do need it.

Just like my love for you. It just grows and grows over time, there’s enough of it to last us both the rest of our lives.

OMAKE: Songs and lyrics used.
1. This Charming Man- The Smiths
2. Atmosphere- Joy Division
3. Yellowcake- Kaki King
4. Burn My Shadow- Unkle
5. In Repair- Our Lady Peace
6. Until We Bleed- Kleerup & Lykke Li
7. Will Do- TV On The Radio
8. Hold The Night- Lyre Le Temps

Thanks for reading.


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Jun. 29th, 2011 02:21 am (UTC)
Congrats on making it to Israel! I hope you're having lots of fun in the sun. :D

I loved reading this so much, mostly because you managed to write such yummy sex and such beautiful feelings between these two that really seemed to live and breathe as I read them. Plus the nervous tentativeness of a sort of first time you really did a good job with, as well as how they eventually just got swept away by their feelings. A wonderful ending to this piece!
Jun. 30th, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
I am having a great time! :D Lots of work though....

Thankyou~ I know this isn't that popular of a pairing so it means a lot when people read.
Jul. 7th, 2011 02:22 pm (UTC)

I've had a big break in fan-fiction as I didn't have too much time due to my studies, and this fic was the first multi-chaptered story I read since my come-back :) And I really liked it, I just knew it would end well! I liked how you played with different emotions in the story, and it was very coherent and good to read overall. Thanks for making my day :)

*gives many cookies!!!*
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