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 "Hisagi-senpai—er, Hisagi-san is going to be here any minute! Can't you at least help me clean a little, Abarai-kun?" Kira griped, frantically tipping some dirty dishes into the sink with a loud clatter.

"Alright, alright… Geez, he's only coming over for five seconds to pick you up, it's not like he's going to come and inspect the kitchen or something…" came the irritated reply as Renji reluctantly picked up some empty cartons of instant ramen and tossed them in the trash.

"Do you think he'll be wearing his Gotei 13 shihakusho? Have you seen him wear it yet? I was just thinking how cool he looks when he wears it…"

"Don't you usually lock yourself in the bathroom when you're doing that?" muttered Renji, rolling his eyes as he passed his babbling roommate.

Kira smacked him on the arm, looking outraged and slightly pink in the cheeks. "Abarai-kun!"

There was a brisk knock then at the door, and a low "Kira? It's Hisagi."

Kira then beamed at Renji, mockery instantly forgotten. "He's here! I'll see you later, Abarai-kun!"

Renji nodded with a lopsided smile. "Have fun. And congratulations, by the way. You know I'd come out and celebrate with you, but…" He scratched the back of his neck.

"You need to study. I know."

"Not all of us can just bag ourselves a place in a squad before we graduate. But I'm happy for you." Renji clapped his friend on the shoulder, making him jump slightly. "Go. Have fun with Hisagi-san, and try not to get too drunk."

"Drunk? I don't think Hisagi-san is that kind of person. He's very responsible!"

With that, Kira ran out of the door. Renji laughed, shook his head, and went back to his homework.


Shuhei held his kohai around the waist as he walked him back to his dormitory. "Come on, Kira. We're almost there."

"Mm… Hisagi-san is so kind, walking me home like this…"

"It's nothing."
"I think that was the most sake I've ever drank!" Kira babbled, his speech slurring dangerously as he wobbled.

"It certainly looks that way…"

"Yeah! I had almost four cups! Did you see, Hisagi-san? How much did you drink, Hisagi-san?"

"I… don't quite remember."

Shuhei sighed as he waited for Kira to find his keys. This had been a poor idea. He should have taken the kid out to dinner or something, not to a bar. He was too young, and so sheltered, Shuhei might as well have taken him to a whorehouse…

Eventually Kira let them both into the house. "Sit down, I'll go make you some tea so you can sober up a little… And try not to wake Abarai up, got it?"

Kira nodded and giggled, amusement written all over his pink cheeks. "Drinking when I have class the next morning… I'm so silly!"

"Yup." Shuhei grunted from the kitchen, stirring the tea leaves. "Silly Kira-kun."

Kira almost fell over backwards as he hooted with laughter. Some moments later, Shuhei knelt next to him and half-fed him his tea, feeling guilty at getting the younger man so drunk.

"So… You're graduating in a few weeks, right? Are you excited?"

Kira nodded enthusiastically. "Oh yes. I can't wait, and then I can go straight to Squad Four! It's going to be wonderful…" Then for a moment the bright spark in his eyes flickered. "I wish my parents could come to my graduation… I wanted to become a shinigami to make them proud, and they won't even get to see what I worked to accomplish…"

Shuhei had a sudden notion that he should hold Kira. He ignored it, and it soon dissolved. But his mouth began to move without his permission.

"I'll… come. If you want. To your graduation."

Kira stared up at the raven-haired shinigami in disbelief. "You'd… come to see me graduate, Hisagi-san?"

Shuhei shrugged and looked away. "Yeah, sure… I can probably get the day off…"

Silence fell between the two of them for a few minutes as Kira finished his tea with quiet slurps, and Shuhei stared at the floor. When he eventually turned back to look, Kira was still gazing up at him, with those big ice blue eyes, and Shuhei felt his drunk, tingling body lean in forward, to press his mouth against the younger man's lips. Just a peck, for a couple of seconds.

His lips are so soft… His skin is so warm…. He smells so good….

When he pulled back he saw that Kira still had his eyes closed, and his face was even more flushed than before. It was then, that Shuhei admitted to himself, that it was too late. There was no hope for him now. About three seconds after that, Kira was flat on his back, with Shuhei's tongue invading his mouth. A hand was working its way inside the top of his uniform. Kira felt like he might burst, with this heavy, muscular weight pinning him to the tatami. He wrapped his arms around Shuhei, and gasped, breaking the kiss.


Shuhei dropped a kiss to Kira's sharp jaw, then attacked his neck and ear with his lips and tongue, sucking, caressing, claiming, plundering. Kira's head rolled helplessly to the side, and he drew in a breath that seemed awfully loud in the dark, silent living room. He felt long, calloused fingers gently pinch a dusky pink nipple, and he stifled a yelp, twitching all over. He craned his neck to look at the face of the man on top of him, but his vision was blocked by tufts of black and a flash of tan. Kira tried to focus his foggy mind, trying desperately to grasp the situation. Hisagi-san was kissing him, and touching him… He tried to sit up a little and spoke once more.


He was met with smouldering grey eyes, and was silenced with another stolen kiss, somehow harder, hotter, wetter than before. Kira whimpered into the kiss and tangled his fingers in his senpai's soft charcoal spikes. As he slid his tongue nervously around Shuhei's, he felt cold air on his chest as his uniform was pulled apart. He immediately tried to pull the fabric back together and cover himself, but the shinigami's hands were faster. He pulled Kira's shirt down off his shoulders, and began laying kisses all over his slender torso, sucking a nipple into his mouth, rolling it between his teeth, exploring Kira's navel with his tongue, his hot hands hungrily sweeping all over the young, pale flesh below him. All the blonde student could do was gaze incredulously down at the assault on his senses, and try and slowly inch away from the fiery mouth and restless hands on him as his cock stirred to life, threatening to give him away.

Shuhei was making quick work of Kira's hakama ties, nimbly undressing him with one hand whilst sneaking the other up his thigh. When his warm palm reached the bulge in Kira's loose pants and the fabric started to slip away, Kira tried to sit up again, his head spinning with alcohol and confused lust.

"Wh-why are you…?"

Shuhei briefly glanced up from unashamedly staring at Kira's erection through his underwear, and simply shrugged. "You'll like it."


Kira had no time to say anything else. The warm hair brushing his abdomen and the soft lips around the head of his hard cock muted his speech to a strained yelp in his throat. Shuhei was sucking him, swirling his rough tongue around the younger man's length in drunk, sloppy circles, hot breath tickling his groin. Kira's head dropped back and his fists clenched by his sides, pale, veiny eyelids fluttering open and closed as pleasure engulfed him, baffling his senses. He scraped together enough sense to acknowledge that this situation was indecent, and spoke, stuttering and gasping.

"H-Hisagi-san…. D-don't put your, ahh, mouth… th-there…. I-it's… dirty, you shouldn't…. aah!"

Shuhei just continued to bob his head, softly panting as the blonde's nervous throbbing filled his mouth. He didn't know why he was doing this. He just wanted to. He was hard too, yes, but he had no intention of asking for anything in return. There was just something about Kira when he was drunk, so young-looking and sweet; it bred terrible, dark urges in Shuhei. The other man was squirming underneath him now, babbling ashamedly, urging him to stop yet not meaning a single word of his pleas- until he cried out weakly and ejaculated, shuddering, into Shuhei's mouth.

The raven-haired shinigami leaned back on his heels and took an appraising look at the student before him- flat on his back, dishevelled uniform betraying his nakedness, and blushing crimson. His eyes were huge and wild, dizzy with post-orgasmic haze, but a smile was forming on his thin lips, too.

"Hisagi-san…" He breathed, sounding surprised but happy from Shuhei's ministrations, and reached out limply for him.

Shuhei could only blink rapidly as he licked his lips, the taste of the boy's essence still thick in his mouth, as his stomach turned. What had he done? Kira had probably never even been kissed before. Sweet, shy Kira, his kohai, who admired him so much and idolised him. I'm the worst, thought Shuhei as he rose to his feet. I had no right to… defile him like that. Kira just looked up at him, frowning in confusion, still naked and holding his arms out for Shuhei.

"I…. I am so sorry, Kira. I shouldn't have done that. Please- let's just forget about it, alright? I'm so sorry… Fuck…"

Seconds later, Shuhei was gone. Kira's arms fell down to his sides with a dull thump.

After you left I lay there on my living room floor for what felt like hours. I dressed myself again in case Renji woke up, but I barely moved other than that. I couldn't understand why you just left like that. I just wanted you to hold me. I know we were drunk, but… It was the first time I'd done anything like that. It was still special for me, Shuhei.