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Sticky: Fic Index!

My collected works!- I try to update this as soon as I post anything new.

Fic Index- Everything I've ever written, no matter how bad, is here.Collapse )

Writer's Block: Dear God

SPOILER: God isn't real.

Sweet Song - Orihime/Rukia NC-17

So, I finally made good on my threats, and I wrote some yuri. RukiHime <3

Title: Sweet Song
Characters: Orihime/Rukia
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Inoue had become a woman, in Rukia’s absence. An absolutely jaw-dropping specimen of female kind. Smut with a dash of fluff. 

Girls just wanna have fun ;)Collapse )

(It feels really good to have written some yuri. I feel like up until now I've just been pandering to the widest audiences and writing yaoi and popular yaoi pairings because it would get me reviews. Maybe it just felt too personal to write about sex I would actually have myself. Either way, I am proud to have written this, and I'm grateful to everyone who encouraged me to do so.)

Not really sure why this happened...

Title: They Say The World Was Built For Two
Characters: Hisagi, Kazeshini, implied past ShuuKira
Warnings: Character death, suicide

I'm so sorry guys ;-;Collapse )


Writer's Block: Scents and sensibility

Gucci Rush, petrol, fried garlic, weed (not weed smoke, the bud itself) clean sheets, new books, earl grey tea, tobacco (again, not the smoke, but the smell of a freshly opened packet of cigarettes/rolling tobacco).
What is your favorite smell?

Writer's Block: BFF

How long have you had your best friend?
I have known my best friend for about six years. We met when he wandered into my bedroom, looking to buy drugs off my roomate. I explained that said roomate wasn't around, and invited him to hang out with me and watch Family Guy.

About a week later we bumped into eachother again, outside of a nightclub I had just been thrown out of for being underage. He invited me and a friend to go back to his flat for some drinks, and we did. I ended up staying for about three days. It was great!

I love you very very much, Tom-kun. BFFS forever <3
What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Someone once told me that the flecks of green in my eyes reminded them of the moon through the trees.
 So, I finally finished it!! :D I think being in Israel has helped to ripen my creative juices, it's so nice to have some sunshine~
Anyway, here's the final chapter of this fic, as well as a little tracklist at the end explaining all the chapter titles. <3


One    Two    Three    Four     Five     Six
Whew!! I finally finished chapter 6 of This Charming Man. This one is another sad one.. But! Sex next chapter, and I really mean it this time!!

Cut for angst and some naughtiness.Collapse )

Writer's Block: Happy birthday, savvy?

Which film starring birthday boy Johnny Depp is your favorite, and why?